About The Author

James A. Johnson

Dr James Johnson has held various leadership roles including Dean of Fine Arts, Sr Vice President for Advancement and External Affairs each at major universities, as well serving as a University President. He also served as Founder and CEO of The Ethos Leadership Group. Dr Johnson has conducted leadership workshops for more than 100 businesses including, M&M Mars, Merck Pharmaceuticals, Copper Tire and Rubber, Georgia Pacific, Bank of America, and Habitat for Humanity. James has also worked as an Executive Coach for U.S. Senators, U.S. Congressmen, a U.S. Vice President, celebrities , and members of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. James received commendations from the Texas Senate and House of Representatives for his leadership in community projects.

He received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Lubbock Christian University, a Master of Arts and Doctorate in Organizational Communication from Texas Tech University with honors work at Indiana University. James did post-doctorate studies at Harvard University. He has taught Leadership on the undergraduate and graduate levels for colleges in Texas, Georgia, and West Virginia. Dr Johnson’s previous publications include “Why Is No One Following Me?”

1 and 2 ed, Ketch Publishing and “Conversations On Success” with Ken Blanchard et al, Vol 3, Insight Publishing.

James and his wife Lesa are Texans who moved to Chattanooga to live closer to their 3 granddaughters.